Argan, a true gift of nature

The argan is a tree with many virtues found only in Morocco. Threatened seriously today by uncontrolled exploitation and abuse, there is precious heritage that we must protect emergency. Well known by locals who enjoys daily for various uses, it has also been ...

The cooperative TAFYOUCHT (Argan in Berber).

Located in Mesti, embarked in the production of argan oil.
The production process is essentially manual labor of more than 60 women of the cooperative. Skilled and passionate, they crush nuts, roast and grind them to extract oil and filter a virgin and pure premium.

With time, the cooperatives were able to develop a sense of belonging to one family, TAFYOUCHT, something that helped them overcome many obstacles and collect the fruits of their efforts.

When buying products of the cooperative TAFYOUCHT, you contribute to the defense of a tree that is almost nowhere else and whose loss would jeopardize the existence of an entire region.

• A special tree
• Women of Note
• Exceptional Products

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